Dog Trainer Serving Niagara Falls

Dog Trainer Serving Niagara Falls

After observing and experiencing the level of off-leash control exhibited by our trained protection dogs, delivery trainers were coming back to us and asking us if we could provide dog training courses for their clients’ pets. In just over seventeen years, we have accumulated an international clientele.

Dog Training Program

Dog Training Program

We also receive a lot of emails and phone calls from people in the private sector asking us for dog training courses. In light of this demand, we have decided to start up a new division within the company that focuses solely on dog training programs for the private sector.

Your dog can learn how to be under complete control, even while off-leash. Whether your dog simply has undesirable manners, or even extreme behavioral problems, at CCK9 TRAINING INC, their behavior can be corrected quickly and easily without causing any harm.

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Off-leash Control Training

Off-leash Control Training

For some people, off-leash control is extremely attractive; it is the level of control that many owners hope to achieve with their dog. Unfortunately, most dog owners find that even after a myriad of different training courses, they have failed to reach this level of off-leash control.

Here at CCK9 Dog Training, we understand this dilemma, and recognize the problems that cause it. We offer an alternative way, the CCK9 way, which will help you achieve off-leash control for any dog, regardless of breed or age.

Every Dog is Unique

Every Dog is Unique

Our approach actually brings out a dog’s personality. We achieve an extraordinary level of off-leash performance through respect. The result is a dog that is happier and free-spirited, yet well-mannered and highly responsive.

Our dog training courses offer three levels of obedience:

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Basic Obedience.

Intermediate obedience

Intermediate Obedience.

Advanced obedience

Advanced Off-leash Obedience.

However, we train each dog on an individual basis, because every breed is different, and every dog is different. We customize the training to meet your exact needs. We do not use food, treats, balls or tugs as rewards; we use a special method to motivate your dog, regardless of breed or size.


We Make Learning Easy

We Make Learning Easy

While it is natural for a dog to want to track or bite, obedience will, at first, feel very unnatural. This is why training obedience can be difficult for inexperienced trainers. Our training methods make obedience training quick and easy, while minimizing the amount of stress on your dog.

Your dog will learn to quiet itself on your vocals, with one command, in a normal tone. It is important to train your dog in the environment in which it will spend the majority of its time. This is why we train your dog in one-on-one sessions.

We are located in the Niagara Falls area. Our state-of-the-art dog school training facility is open seven days a week, and we will work with you to accommodate your busy schedule.





Charlie is a 7 month old Doberman We started training him at 12 weeks old. He was very stubborn and had the house turned upside down!!

Charlie has graduated from the" Puppy Training" and also" First level Obedience" classes!! Charlie is a joy to have in our family now. The level of training is spectacular!! Our trainer was patient and very professional. For us one on one made a HUGE difference! Charlie had full attention and was able to learn quickly! The facility inside and outside is immaculate!

We look forward to our next upcoming classes!!!


Perry is a wonderful and knowledgeable trainer that not only helped us with the training of our pup- but has helped our family become better handlers.

I would highly recommend those who are looking to better their bond with their dogs, and see their full potential!

Thank you for everything Perry. We look forward to returning to further our pup's training.


I recently took my dog for the 4 week puppy training. It was an excellent program for my dog. We both learned a lot. My trainer was very nice, helpful and very encouraging. He alway took that extra couple of minutes to visually show me how to complete each taste.

I highly recommend to anyone looking for someone to train their dog.

Thanks Perry


Perry was very knowledgeable. At the end of our 4 weeks my puppy was doing everything I asked and Perry told me what to do for the next couple of weeks to get him to the final result.I was assigned a different task each week and my puppy has improved greatly I was very pleased with the first courses results and will be continuing the training with Perry... and I learned a lot as a handler that I can use with future dogs all in all totally worth the money


We took our two mastiffs to Perry as they were a nightmare to walk and so unruly. When guests came over they were always put away. After 2 sessions with Perry and diligently doing what he told us to do, it was a complete 360 degree turn for us. We LOVE walking these two dogs and when guests come over they are so well behaved. It’s changed our lives we enjoy these two dogs now and have formed a bond with them that was missing. Perry implemented a belt for me to be able to walk the mastiff by myself while still having my hands free to correct them should I need to. My husband, daughters and myself have no words that can accurately express how much he changed all of our lives. Thank you so much Perry. I would encourage everyone to take their dogs to Perry because he will train you which will give your dog the structure that they deserve.


I have so much more confidence taking my dog out for walks and around distractions. I am finally in control and we have a better relationship for it. Answered all my questions and addressed the issues. Thanks from Deanna and Jasmine.

What a great experience from a great coach, I can personally say I got more than just a regular obedience session and i have tried another course. My wife and kids joined in on the training, keeping the whole household on the same page. It all went very well with my American Bulldog (a hardheaded but soft stomach breed) no treats were used making it easier on her. Parry is a very knowledgeable and very particular person, he made sure training was done a specific way and it always worked, if I had any questions they were cleared up by answers and demonstration when required. He also helped me with my raw feeding regimen as I'm fairly new to it. Do the training you wont regret it, the process for basic training is a steal when you consider its private and the family are encouraged to attend. Thanks Perry I look forward to working with you again in the future.

June Miller

15 Month Old German Shepherd, Guinness Mackenzie
July 19th, 2011
It is with great enthusiasm I write this letter of testimony for Perry Ahlgrimm. Perry Ahlgrimm was contacted, quite out of the blue, after a chance observation of his interaction with his own dogs. Unbeknownst to him, that interaction was being observed, from a distance and what I witnessed; well behaved, obedient, relaxed, happy dogs, so impressed me, I sought out his help. As a responsible pet owner, not new to owning dogs, I was convinced I had exhausted all my options with my 15 month old German Shepherd, Guinness Mackenzie who suffers severe fear aggression and I had resigned myself to the last resort available, euthanasia. Consideration to euthanaize the dog did not come lightly and only after failed attempts by me, with the help of several qualified professionals, including a certified applied animal behaviourist to correct the dog’s behaviour of lashing out at people and other animals. This behaviour first presented itself at the age of ten weeks and the prescribed interventions
did not work as the behaviour only increased with the age of the dog. The dog was unresponsive to verbal commands and could not be trusted in any situation. Sadly, the dog was muzzled and wore a promise halter all the time outside of the home. As the owner of the dog, I was miserable and so was the dog. Perry Ahlgrimm led by example using communication, direction and correction. He demonstrated exactly what was required, coaching me right alongside the dog. Initially, and with the strength of a wild stallion Mackenzie responded like a cornered rabbit, but by the end of the first session there was a noticeable difference. Perry Ahlgrimm used applied stress and agility over the course of several weeks to build confidence in the dog and the owner, reiterating step by step the exercises. At no time was the dog mistreated, hurt or abused. Perry Ahlgrimm observed MacKenzie’s reaction to training with a keen eye for trouble-shooting and problem-solving. He was a tough task master, commanding respect, firm but always fair, and incorporated fun in all the training sessions. While the dog learned her part to respond to direction, the owner, under Perry Ahlgrinnm’s guidance became educated in communication, voice and tonality.

I hold Perry Ahlgrimm in the highest esteem for saving the life of this dog. He promised and delivered more than I thought possible or ever dreamed of. He tapped into so much potential in my dog and I am now having great fun discovering MacKenzie’s talents. Mackenzie has so much more to give and I’m enjoying challenging her to explore new avenues. We are great companions now with a genuine bond of trust. I could say that MacKenzie’s transformation was magic, but that would undermine and undervalue the tremendous qualities Perry Ahlgrimm processes. He knows his job, he is extremely talented and he executes that skill with passion and precision to achieve wonderful results. My biggest compliment continues to come from people who knew the “old” Mackenzie and are absolutely astounded with the change in her over such a short period of time. Her body language and behaviour speaks volumes.

Perry Ahlgrimm conducts himself in a truly professional manner and has shown me that MacKenzie is an intelligent dog that could overcome her fear aggression to be an excellent companion, willing to serve. I would welcome the opportunity to speak to anyone looking for a reference in this matter.

St. George’s University
April, 16th
The graduation ceremony of the K9 Unit took place on the recreational ground of the True Blue campus, last Saturday, 16th April. A total of twenty officers commenced the training, but only twelve were retained and successfully completed the training. This by itself speaks to the unique demands of this special unit. The ceremony began with an introduction of the officers and their dogs. The dogs were trained using the method of communication correction command. It was a pleasure to watch them on a loose lead, demonstrating the heel, sit and lying down commands; and their ability to remain in position under intense distraction. But what does Czech, German and French have in common with a K9 unit? Since, the dogs came from the Czech Republic, France, Germany as well as Canada, their trainers needed to learn Czech, French and German so as to communicate with the dogs in their native language. Muy Interestante!

Mr. John Kopychinski began his remarks by inviting the audience to join him in applauding these officers. He commented: “When I came to Grenada years ago, there were 5 watchmen. Over the years this grew to a security unit having security guards. Now we have made the transition to security officers, with a very elite K9 unit.” He acknowledged that an officer of this unit, must be a person who loves and cherishes his animal. He encouraged all graduates to continue their training and education in this field. Dr. Pensick outlined the critical role that dogs now play in matters of security, in relation to bomb detection and drug security. With a huge grin on his face he said: “I am extremly proud this morning. I only wish the Chancellor would have been here to witness this ceremony. A well trained animal protects not only the public but the handler as well.” He recognises that the nature of the job really demands total dedication and wholehearted commitment. “I can hardly get my dog Bingo to roll over,” he confessed. He hopes that in the future, St. George’s University may be a regional site for this type of training activity for other security groups and forces in the Caribbean.

Mr. Perry Ahlgrimm, K – 9 Trainer, Command Control K-9 who had travelled from Canada with the dogs and worked for months training and getting the unit together, commented: “One of the things that is most rewarding about my job is to see the bond develop between the handler and his dog”. This bond, he went on to explain, is one of such steadfast loyalty, that the dog would willingly take a bullet for his master. This is already becoming evident between some officers and their dogs. At the graduation, Officer Williams demonstrated how his dog obeys him even when the dog is not on a leash. Human Resources Manager Ms. Carol Mitchell added her congratulations naming the graduates the “creme de la creme”. She emphasized that it has been a privilege for her to witness the growth and the development of this specific department.

In his vote of thanks, Officer Cruickshank expressed gratitude to all who had a hand in assisting them to come to this important stage of their lives. He gave special thanks to Dr. Kibble for answering their many questions in relation to the nuritional needs and care of the dogs in their charge. He also praised their training Mr. Perry Ahlgrimm for being an “excellent teacher”. On behalf of the graduates, he promised to practise what they have learnt in the days, weeks, months and years to come. He noted that it is this that would serve as their biggest thanks. Indeed, a significant milestone has been reached; this being the first graduation of its kind in Grenada. It is hoped that it is only the beginning of great things to come.