CCK9 Training Questionnaire

We would be happy to schedule an evaluation of your dog, as well as to discuss your expectations and possible solutions.
Evaluations at our facility in Wainfleet, Ontario are done at no charge. An evaluation at your home will require a charge of $100.00 an hour including travel time. Our staff is available for in-home evaluations throughout the Niagara Falls, Ontario area. As most dogs will benefit from our programs a telephone consultation is usually enough to confirm eligibility.
Please fill out the following information, including description of your dog, level of control both on and off-leash, behavioral issues, contact information and the best times to reach you.

  • Contact Information

  • Your Pet's Information

    Every pet is unique. In order to understand your pet please share with us as much information about him or her as possible.
  • Behavioral

    Please rate the following concerning your pet's behavior.
  • Performance

    Please rate the following concerning your pet's performance.
    (Group classes, semi-private classes, private classes, in-kennel or boot camp).