Training and Exercise – How and When to Exercise Your Dog for the Best Training Results

Your dog needs exercise for both his physical and his mental well-being. If you’re following a training routine you’ll want to be careful of your exercise times and make them fit into your schedule. Exercising your dog to the point of exhaustion before a training session inhibits his capacity for learning.
Exercise is recommended before training in limited amounts. For example, go for a short walk. When you provide some exercise before training, it allows your dog to let off some of his steam. This is especially important for dogs that are anxious, fearful or highly emotional.
When a dog has been exercised to the point where he is strained emotionally, physically and mentally, it’s not time to ask him to do some training. He won’t be able to concentrate on the training routine and it’s hard on the dog physically as well. A dog can become injured with training following intense exercise since it is extremely hard on their bones, ligaments and joints to combine the 2. Plus, you’ll be working with a dog that can’t focus well and is more likely to have an accident.

You know you dog best and can tell what his limits are in terms of exercise and training. You’ll want to give your dog enough exercise before the training starts so that he can reach an optimal mental state. Take the time to observe his capacity levels so that you’ll know exactly when to stop the exercise and when to stop the training so that the dog isn’t overburdened.
Too much exercise before training isn’t going to do any good for a dog that is already stressed and anxious. Instead, concentrate on some light exercise that he loves, perhaps play a game or 2, to get him in the best position for the upcoming training.
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