Dog Obedience Training – Why Is It So Important?

A lot of people shy away from getting their dogs trained formally because they consider them to be more of a best friend than a pet. They don’t believe that their dogs should be controlled or dominated and should have more of an ‘equal’ footing in the household. There is evidence, however, proving that formal dog obedience training greatly adds to the relationship between the dog and his owner.

Obedience Training

This training helps to nurture the relationship between you and your dog. Teaching your dog how to heel, come, stay, lie down and sit are the basic essential foundation blocks for the training and helps your dog become a better citizen. When your dog is trained you’ll find life to be much more comfortable and there will be less tension in the air around the home. You’ll also feel more confident about taking your dog out in public places.

There is a certain bonding with training that simply can’t be explained in words. This in itself breeds a healthier relationship and more happy time can be spent together as owner and pet.


When your dog is taught to lie down when visitors arrive at the door after his initial barks of alarm, it will be easier to include him as part of the socializing. If he is jumping up on people or licking them excessively, he may need to be locked up in a bedroom or garage until the guests leave. This isn’t the ideal scene for you or your dog or even for your visitors. A well-trained dog can take part in more family events and feel less isolated as a result.

Training can be fun for your dog and it’s quite amazing to see what he’ll accomplish in a relatively short amount of time. Dogs love to be rewarded and thoroughly appreciate the rewards they receive as a result of their hard work.

Obedience training makes your dog more sociable so that he can truly become a member of your family. It’s vitally important to get your dog trained in order to reap all of the benefits that come from a healthy dog/owner relationship. To get started with obedience training school in St. Catharines, Port Colborne, & Welland today or to find out more about our training programs please contact us today.

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