How to Say Goodbye to Your Dog When Leaving the House

While there are certainly some dogs that are unaffected when the owner steps out of the house, you may have a dog that gets anxious when he’s being left alone. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety at all, the worst thing that you can do is share a lengthy and emotional goodbye with him when you’re stepping out the door.

Even without a lot of emotion involved, being left alone can be difficult on your dog, if they have anxiety issues. If you make things even more anxious for him by extending your goodbye, he’ll get too worked up and suffer even more. It’s natural for us to want to communicate with our best friends. We want to explain to them that things will be fine and we’ll be back soon. While this may leave you feeling better, it can affect your dog in a negative way.

You have excited your dog with the goodbye and once you’re gone he’ll have to transfer from this high of attention to a low when you’re not there. This will make him all the more anxious and if you want your dog to stay as relaxed as possible when you’re out of the house the best way to do it is to make your departure a non-event. Just leave without saying a word.

Although it may seem like it’s an unfeeling way to leave the home it’s much better for your dog. He’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed while you’re gone and will be able to better accept you leaving. The best time to get your dog excited is upon your arrival home.

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