Does Feeding Time Affect a Dog’s Training?

If you haven’t yet established a feeding routine for your dog, it’s time to start now. Structure is critical to any type of dog training. If you don’t have some type of meal schedule set in place for him, it implies a lack of basic structure in your routine with your dog.

Food means a lot to a dog (just like it does to us humans) and he builds up his own feeding schedule according to the schedule that you provide for him. If there is no set time arranged, it is more difficult to instill a regimen with your dog. It’s impossible to fully train a dog if he can’t rely on a stable schedule for his feedings.

Once you have established his feeding routine, you’ll be able to work with his training at meal times. You’ll be in a much better position to ask him to sit, stay, lie down and or follow a number of other commands. He’ll know what is expected of him and will know what to expect from you. When he’s fed at the same time every day, you’ll find that he gets the message. You’ll probably also notice that the training that takes place at other times of the day runs more smoothly as well.

Our bodies run on food and rely on it to not only live but to stay healthy and mentally alert. Our food is provided at certain times of the day and we count on it for optimum survival. Your dog needs this type of stability as well.

If you are having training or behavioural issues and don’t have regularly scheduled meal times for your dog, it’s time to put one in place right now. You may notice a big difference from just implementing this one simple tip.

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